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Top-Notch Repair Services for Your Well

We collect water samples and conduct inspections. We find out what condition the well is in and then get back to you with a report.

  • E. coli and bacterial test

  • Water sampling

  • Pump sales (submersible and jet)

  • Specialized machinery

  • Pull in rigs / hoists

  • Miniature crane

  • Overhaul wells

  • Pull pumps out of wells

Comprehensive repair services

We install different kinds of applications for pumping: farm and ranch. Solar installations are also provided by us. Besides, we are the distributor and installers of hand pumps, mostly seasonal.


We do cement plugging - go into abandoned wells to plug. Our process also includes file reporting, contracting, measuring, and dealing with water contamination. We have equipment that has been used for big projects like Exxon.

We deal with hand pumps and more

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JR Davis Water Well Co. has been serving Wharton, TX for over 37 years. You can always expect reasonable rates from us.